Opening Week of Braves Baseball

Opening SeriesThis time last Monday, we woke up with such excitement over Opening Day of Atlanta Braves Baseball.

Finally…after five L O N G months!

For us, it was Spring Break and we were happy!  My husband was off from work and kids were out of school.  Perfect.  The game was at 4:00 and it was a beautiful weather day.

Baseball Pancake
They were not the most beautiful, but they were fun and tasty.

I was so excited that I made baseball pancakes.  🙂

They were not the most beautiful, but they were fun and tasty.

As we were making our way downtown to the ballpark, we were met with many other cars on the highway in the middle of the afternoon!  Apparently, many other people were headed to Turner Field, too!  Awesome!  There was such an excitement in the air of the season to come.  It turned out to be a sold out crowd that night.  Excellent!

We usually go early for batting practice so maybe the kids can catch a homerun ball or maybe the players on the field will throw them one.  We save every ball.  I hope the players realize how much it means to our kids when they throw them a ball.  I especially love it when the players interact and can be funny.  With a simple friendly gesture, they quickly become our kids’ heroes.

Batting Practice
Batting Practice game 2
These guys are the best at throwing balls to the crowd

We ended up going to 3 games this week and the Lead-off Luncheon.  It was so much fun.  The Lead-off Luncheon involves the players and coaches.  One player or coach sits at every table.  This year we were able to sit with Alexi Ogondo, relief pitcher.  Williams Perez sat at the table next to us, and Jose Ramirez sat at the table on the other side of us.  I was also able to see some friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time, so it was a very memorable day.  I was very proud of my children.  Not only did they handle themselves very well, they dressed up nice, thought the food was incredible (it was), and they thought it was the coolest thing ever to be eating lunch in the same room as their favorite players.  I have to agree.

Leadoff Luncheon
Chip Caray was interviewing Kelly Johnson, Freddie Freeman, Jeff Francouer, and Jason Grilli.  You see Williams Perez in the foreground, light blue shirt, gray jacket
Luncheon 2
You see Alexi Ogondo right in the front in blue checkered shirt, dark jacket

We always love to see our friends at the ballpark.  We have been season ticket holders for a few years now, so we get to see the same people.  Years ago, we started talking to one fellow, George, who works in the area where the kids can run the bases.  He’s been there now for 10 years.  We go see George every game we attend.  He is always kind, genuine, and happy.  Our kids don’t go to the run the bases anymore but we always go say hello. We found a picture of him from several years ago as we were taking a picture of our kids running the bases when they were small.  It is so neat to look back and notice someone in your pictures that you didn’t realize you would know later.

The Braves this week have had more than their share of struggles.  They are 0-5.  But, our happiness is not based on whether they win or lose.  I hope one day soon they can figure out what makes this new team work and find their success.

If you haven’t been following the Braves very closely. Here’s the scoop:  Over the past 2 years or so, the Braves have gone through a rebuilding process that has included many trades, trying to get rid of long term high paying contracts and focusing on the farm system (minor league teams) and building them up (home grown) to become our primary Major League Players.  It has been a painful process that has resulted in some of our higher playing favorites to be traded and to grow these younger guys properly to get them ready for our Major League team.  It is also a very long process that might take a couple of years still, but the end result will be a winning team that will produce major results.  The eye being on the World Series Title.  a.k.a. the “Long Range Plan”

We will still enjoy the games at Turner Field.  We are not fair-weathered fans.  Is it painful to watch what they are go through??  YES!!!  But, dark days do not last forever.  They will be great again someday!  Remember the Braves in the 90s??

Attending games at Turner Field is something we enjoy and with the family and friends we get to spend time with.  Just the other night, we ran into 2 families that we knew and they said to me, “We knew you would be here” and I will be.  One night, I looked up onto the Jumbo Tron and saw my high school friend, John, answering a question for a contest and won a $100 gift card to Home Depot.  I was able to go find him and later met his family.

So, as our kids go back to school today and my husband goes back to work, I will fondly remember a really good week together.  We enjoyed sleeping in, doing some fun family things, and cheering on our Atlanta Braves.

Go Braves!

Friday Night Fireworks at Turner Field









Today is Opening Day!


We love the game.

It’s more than just a game, it is an experience…

and we love every minute.

From batting practice to the final out…

It is a time to sit with my family and watch a game we love

that we talk about often…

We cheer together, laugh together, and we ARE together.

It’s a time to watch our favorite players and gain some new ones

It is time to celebrate a new season and encourage our players…

that are living their dream.

I am a true fan.

Win or Lose.  I will be there.

We have had so many memories at Turner Field.  Too many to count.

Our first game there, my husband and I were just engaged and now we have been married almost 18 years and have kids that are 10 and 14.

I could not be happier that today is Opening Day.

Here’s to a brand new season

brand new chances

and brand new memories…

Go Braves!


One Week Until Opening Day!

We are so excited for a new season of Atlanta Braves Baseball!  Go Braves!!

One week

For Busy Moms

Let’s face it.  We are busy moms.  Running here and running there.  Barely any time to grab food to eat.

The same is true for water.  I forget to drink it.  Period.  I will have coffee to drink in the morning with a banana and will coast until lunch time.  Wrong.

A few days will go by and I will not drink enough water and realize that I’m not feeling well.  I am sluggish, grouchy, achy, emotional, etc. etc.

Once I realized recently that I could have been a little dehydrated, so I made sure to drink a lot of water that day.  It was amazing the difference.

I slept better that night, I woke up calmer, more relaxed, MUCH less achy.  The difference was astounding.

It made drinking water much more a priority in my daily life (again) because I would rather feel the greatness, rather than the yuckyness.

I think about our children…are they drinking enough water?  Is this why they are grouchy, tired, sluggish?  My son gets to take a water bottle to school but is he really getting enough?

When my kids are playing sports we are very good about filling up with water.  Our little athletes need to HYDRATE A DAY OR TWO BEFORE A GAME as well as game day, even when it’s cold out.  When the body is hydrated, there is less cramping and increased athletic performance.

I am very good at making sure my kids drink enough water, but what about me?

It is harder for me to stay hydrated in the winter time since I would rather have something warm and yummy to drink, rather than water.

It is definitely easier to drink ice cold water when it’s HOT out.

I know we’ve all heard it a thousand times before to drink more water and the countless health benefits it has for us, but I just had a recent reminder of how important it is to drink enough during the day…every day.

Take Care of YOU, Mom!  Feel good!  Drink more water!


Drink more water

Happy Drinking.


A Fun Baseball Afternoon

20160306_155410.jpgIt was a beautiful day yesterday.  Sunny.  Temps in the mid 60s.  Just perfect.  I had to take my daughter to one area park for a softball clinic.  My “hubby coach” had coordinated a baseball practice at our regular baseball park, so he had taken our son there for practice.

My husband wanted to work on specific things with the boys.  He always has a practice plan.  One that is organized and using every minute to develop the skills that he plans to work on.  He uses his time well.  He has the boys moving from station to station so there is not a lot of sitting or standing around.  This is where I will help with one of the stations.  We get our work done, but in a fun and positive way.

After my daughter’s softball clinic, we drove to where the boys were practicing, so I caught the last few minutes of practice.  They were playing a game called “Two Strikes”.

It is a game that teaches the boys to be aggressive and focused at the plate with 2 strikes in the count.  You divide your players into 2 teams.  One takes the field, the other will hit live pitching from the coach.  When batting, each player steps into the batters box with 2 strikes against them already.  They only get one strike. If the batter gets on base (via hit or error) on the next strike he sees, his team gets a point. If he does not get on base on the next strike he sees, he’s out.  A foul ball is an out.  If the next pitch is a ball, then they keep going. Each half inning ends when the team reaches 6 points or 6 outs are made.  You can play as many innings as you have time for.

The greatest things about this game is

1.  It is fast-paced.

2.  It teaches the players to be aggressive at the plate with 2 strikes against them and to be ready to swing at anything close.

The boys love this game. They were laughing.  They were having fun.  They were trying to hit the ball as hard as they could.  They were running as fast and as hard as they could.  They were trying to score at home while the coaches tried to get them out.   It was hilarious.  It was enjoyable.  The boys were enjoying time with the dads that help out and enjoying time with their friends and teammates.  The coaches were laughing, smiling, and running around with the boys as well.  I was laughing too, especially because my husband was the only outfielder in this “game” and was repeatedly throwing the boys out at 1st base.  So much fun to watch.

EVERYBODY was having fun.

These are the memories that will last forever…

and that is baseball…