For Busy Moms

Let’s face it.  We are busy moms.  Running here and running there.  Barely any time to grab food to eat.

The same is true for water.  I forget to drink it.  Period.  I will have coffee to drink in the morning with a banana and will coast until lunch time.  Wrong.

A few days will go by and I will not drink enough water and realize that I’m not feeling well.  I am sluggish, grouchy, achy, emotional, etc. etc.

Once I realized recently that I could have been a little dehydrated, so I made sure to drink a lot of water that day.  It was amazing the difference.

I slept better that night, I woke up calmer, more relaxed, MUCH less achy.  The difference was astounding.

It made drinking water much more a priority in my daily life (again) because I would rather feel the greatness, rather than the yuckyness.

I think about our children…are they drinking enough water?  Is this why they are grouchy, tired, sluggish?  My son gets to take a water bottle to school but is he really getting enough?

When my kids are playing sports we are very good about filling up with water.  Our little athletes need to HYDRATE A DAY OR TWO BEFORE A GAME as well as game day, even when it’s cold out.  When the body is hydrated, there is less cramping and increased athletic performance.

I am very good at making sure my kids drink enough water, but what about me?

It is harder for me to stay hydrated in the winter time since I would rather have something warm and yummy to drink, rather than water.

It is definitely easier to drink ice cold water when it’s HOT out.

I know we’ve all heard it a thousand times before to drink more water and the countless health benefits it has for us, but I just had a recent reminder of how important it is to drink enough during the day…every day.

Take Care of YOU, Mom!  Feel good!  Drink more water!


Drink more water

Happy Drinking.