The Cubs, The World Series, and Rebuilding A Franchise

Like everyone else I’m sure, I am still “on a high” from game 7 of the World Series!!  What an incredible game that was!  That was probably the most exciting game we’ll ever see…especially a game 7 of a World Series!

I am a Loyal Atlanta Braves Fan, but knew the Cubs were having a great season.  We lived in Chicago for a short time, only 6 months.  I have been temporarily rooting for them during the NLDS and NLCS.  After all, the Cubs have Former Braves David Ross, Jason Heyward, Tommy LaStella, and assistant hitting coach, Eric Hinske.

About a month ago, my 11 year old son asked me who I thought was going to win the World Series, I confidently said, “Cubs all the Way!!”  For some reason, I knew… They had won 103 games this season and had been gaining such momentum!  I was just feeling that they could do it!

Sure enough.  They did it!  I’m so happy for them that they were able to come back and WIN…especially after trailing the series 3-1!

I mean, WOW!

And I am intrigued for many reasons:

  • The 100 year curse…the Cubs have not won a World Series since 1908.
  • There are some that have never in their lifetime have ever seen their Cubs WIN a World Series.  I can’t imagine.
  • How emotional this is for many…. Fathers and Grandfathers that influenced their now grown children to love the Cubs from their childhood..and those “children” get to see the Cubs be CHAMPIONS.
  • Five years ago, the Cubs LOST 101 games!  Since then, they have built their way back winning more games each year until reaching a winning season of 103 games in 2016!
  • And why?  2 words:  Theo Epstein!  He is the President of Baseball Operations for the Chicago Cubs.  He worked wonders with the Boston Red Sox, leading them to their first World Series Championship in 86 years in 2004 AND 2007. He took over the Cubs in 2011 to rebuild this franchise and told the Cubs Fans five years ago, “just be patient”.

I can’t imagine how he and the Cubs Organization must feel today.

I’m also very impressed with the Cleveland Indians who kept pushing and fighting all the way to the end.  They are a talented bunch of guys.  If you told me when they were leading the Series 3-1 that the Cubs would come back and win the entire World Series, I would be be shocked…

What a great World Series!  Congratulations to all the Fans that have waited for so long!


History was made last night!

What a great love we have for the Game of Baseball!

Only 161 days to go until Opening Day!


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