The Coach Makes All the Difference

Today, I ran across this open letter from someone that loved the sport of basketball to her coach that killed her passion.  I love sports and kids so much that I have to be honest, I teared up just at the title.  Our son plays baseball, my husband is a coach, and I have helped for several years.  We are big on lifting our players up to be better than they thought they could be, uncovering hidden talents they didn’t know they had.  All it takes is for one person to believe in you!  All it takes is one to tear you down also…

And because of one coach, this person’s desire, passion, love for the sport, and self esteem completely vanished.

“Looking back now at the amount of tears shed after practices and games, I just want to say to this coach: Making me feel bad about myself doesn’t make me want to play and work hard for you…”


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