A Mark of True Sportsmanship Demonstrated by Anthony Rizzo

​I love this display of humility and sportsmanship demonstrated by Anthony Rizzo when he apologizes to umpire, Angel Hernandez.  

With a 3-1 count, the next pitch looked inside, so Rizzo assumed it was a ball and started to walk to first base. Angel Hernandez had called that pitch a strike!  Anthony Rizzo didn’t want to “show up the umpire” by walking to base before the call or try to show that he knew more than umpire, Angel Hernandez.

Which is why Anthony Rizzo apologized…. right then and there!  Wow…

Later in a press conference Anthony Rizzo was asked about why he apologized and he just explained that umpires work hard and try to do the best job they can too.


And, he just gained my respect, too!


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