We Will Never Forget 9.11.01

We will never forget that day.  Millions of people got up and went to work and school that day.  Just like any other day.

I was a mom of a beautiful 3 month old baby girl.  I had just recently quit my job and was excited to be able to begin my new life as a full time-stay at home mom.

On September 11, 2001, I had put my baby girl down for her morning nap around 8:50am and went to turn on the TV because I knew my favorite show ‘Regis and Kelly’ was going to come on in just a few short minutes.

Instead, I saw that the National News had broken into regular programming and reported that an airplane had just crashed into the World Trade Center.  At first, I thought I had turned on a horror/action movie or it had been a horrible accident.  Then, just moments later, I saw the live coverage of a SECOND plane crashing into the second tower of the World Trade Center.

This was no accident.

I couldn’t believe the horror that unfolded that day.  When we were barely able to digest what was happening, another horrible thing would happen.

I called my husband to make sure he knew what was going on and he said that they were all huddled around a TV in their office.  A couple of hours later, when we all started to realize how bad this was, he called me and said that because he worked for a major corporation in Atlanta, he was being sent home.  For safety.  And to be with their Families.

My brother was living in Brooklyn at the time, and we were desperately trying to get in touch with him.  Phone lines were jammed so it was impossible to get a call through.  He was eventually able to call us and let us know he was ok.

It was a sad day in our world.  One that changed us forever.  We are heartbroken on so many levels.  Heartbroken for those who lost their lives.  Those who lost their loved ones.    I think about everyone in the Twin Towers who were trapped, in distress, or jumped because they felt they had no other choice.  I think about the first responders…those who lost their lives trying to help people and the workers that live with cancer now.  Those on the airplanes that knew what was about to happen.  Pregnant women that had to deliver their babies in the months following without their spouses.  The children that had to grow up not knowing their parents.  The stories are countless and horrible.

I am thankful that there is a photo memorial that shows the 3 locations where the planes went down.  We want to honor and remember them as well.

We Will Never Forget.

Together We Stand.

God Bless America.





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