Ice Packs and Hand Warmers

Saturday was a cold day.  We had 2 kids that played 3 games.  1 baseball/2 softball.  We were outside all morning at 9:00am in 38+ degree weather.  I know we signed up for this but it’s important to be prepared.  The night before, we set out all of our layers we planned to wear since we had an early start to the day.  As you know, if you are not dressed appropriately, you will not be happy.

Since my husband and I are responsible for our son’s team, I bought them (and my daughter) hand warmers from Amazon.  I am an Amazon Prime junkie.

They are called HotHands Hand Warmers by HotHands.  They come 2 to a package, although they are wrapped individually.  The second they are exposed to air, they start to heat up.  The boys loved them.


To save our resources, I gave the boys only 1 each to pass from one hand to another since they have small hands still.  If you have ever tried to catch a baseball with cold hands, you understand how bad it hurts. I was happy to possibly help prevent this.  The cost of this box of 40 pairs was $22.79.

I also bought a box of Dynarex Instant Cold Packs in case of injuries.  These I will just keep in my bag along with my first aid kit.  There are 24 ice packs in this box and all you do is squeeze the middle to activate the coldness.  The cost of the 24 count at Amazon is only $14.40!


Saturday ended up being a nice, sunny day.  My son’s team won their game after they fell behind but came back to win.  My daughter’s team played a double header.  Lost 1 Won 1.

The weather stayed pretty chilly so all our layers came in handy.  I’m so happy we were prepared.  I hope your Saturday Game day was good, too!

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